Where The Hell Has The Recruiter Gone?


Where The Hell Has The Recruiter Gone

By: Alan Davis

We Wish This Were Too Funny To Be True!

This is the story of a Recruiter who, after many years of successful recruiting, died and went to meet his fate. He arrived in Purgatory and, as usual, there were two line-ups, one for Heaven and one for Hell. He thought he had been a pretty good recruiter, so he joined the line-up for the Pearly Gates.
It was a busy day and the line-up was quite long, so the Devil took the opportunity to work the Pearly Gate line-up to see if he could recruit some Candidates for Hell. Our former Recruiter had looked through the Pearly Gates and seen a number of people just lying around on clouds playing harps. It didn’t look to be terribly interesting or exciting. So the Devil made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He offered to let him come down to Hell just for a day and give it a try. So, after some deliberation, our former Recruiter joined a number of other deceased people and took the elevator down to Hell for the day. When he got out of the elevator, all he could see were people playing golf, bright sunny skies, flowers, and birds singing, and he had a wonderful time. At the end of the day, of course, he had to make a decision: compared to lying around on a cloud, playing golf and all the other good things in Hell seemed like a pretty good idea. So our former Recruiter joined the Hell line-up and, of course, was accepted immediately.

He took the same elevator down to Hell, but as he got out he was shocked. It was a barren desert with starving people roaming all over the place looking for food. The sky was black. It was as he had originally anticipated Hell. So when the Devil approached, our former Recruiter went over to him and said, “Hey! What’s the deal? When I came here yesterday everyone was playing golf and it was great!” “Ha ha,” said the Devil with a wicked smile, “but yesterday we were Recruiting!” Hudson, Qc: 450-458-3535 www.alandavis.com

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