Unique Process

Unique Process

Our fully transparent and structured process is designed to deliver the right candidate, in the minimum amount of time, and at a reasonable cost.

This is achieved through a combination of qualified, motivated staff and a rigorous search process.

From the start, we appoint a Project Manager who will head up your team and develop a thorough understanding of your business, your needs, your culture and your industry.

You are actively involved in each of the five stages, and will provide input to the various control tools that are an integral part of the process. This top down approach lends itself particularly well for very specialized skill sets, including scientific and engineering positions.

Value added benefits from our process include the following:

  • hard data on the size and scope of the targeted candidate pool;
  • information on your competitor’s products, services, strategies, markets, etc;
  • perceptions of you as a prospective employer for employment branding purposes;
  • an informal, but up-to-date survey of current salary for the position.


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