The Picking Winners™  Interview Training

Picking Winners™: Online Interview Training

Picking Winners™ was designed by Alan Davis & Associates Inc. in collaboration with KnowledgeOne division of Concordia University. The seminar was initiated as a direct result of a survey of Human Resources and Recruitment Managers, asking them what services they needed but weren’t getting. The overwhelming answer was Recruitment and Selection Training for hiring managers.

The course designers have a combined experience of over fifty years in Recruitment, Selection and Training which include both the private and public sectors, and both union and non-union environments.  The techniques you will learn on this course are both effective and legally defendable, regardless of whether you are recruiting external candidates, or holding an internal competition.

This seminar will enable you to:

  • Build an effective predictive interview in less than one hour.
  • Pick the candidate who best fits the position – regardless of the type of position.
  • Be confident in your questioning.
  • Avoid challenge and litigation.
  • Justify a hiring decision (whether it’s an internal transfer or an external hire).
  • Avoid costly mis-hires.
  • Be fair to all candidates.
  • Recruit and select without personal bias.

The cost of the seminar is $699 plus applicable taxes.

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For more information, please email Diane Bates.

The online seminar will give you a thorough understanding of the complete selection cycle, from writing job specifications, preparing and conducting interviews, to selecting and presenting the job offer.

You will be given both theory and practice in using the simple, yet powerful Picking Winners™ tools.

You will be able to use these tools immediately back on the job to increase your effectiveness in selecting the best employees for your organization.

Picking Winners™: In-Class Interview Training Seminar

Do you have a need to train up to twelve hiring managers at the same time? 

If so, we offer a half day in-class seminar. We can either conduct the seminar on your premises or alternatively pick an off-site location. The seminar provides you and your hiring managers the same tools as the online seminar but offers the additional advantage of having an expert on site.

The cost of the in-class seminar is $4,500 plus applicable taxes.

For more information, please email Diane Bates.

Remember, hiring is expensive; firing is exorbitant.

It pays to get it right the first time.

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