Strategic Recruiting™

Strategic Recruiting™

Different recruiting challenges require different recruiting solutions. Following a thorough analysis of client needs we have developed the following strategic approaches to the acquisition of top talent.

Strategic Recruiting™:

Strategic Recruiting™ allows you to both hire immediately and line-up potential future candidates so that you are prepared and ready when an operational requirement comes along.

Using Strategic Recruiting™ techniques, you build a database of future prospects who have been pre-qualified to bring excellence to your organization. These candidates possess the critical skill sets, which will form the future drivers of your organization.

When you want to fill a critical position, you are able to do so quickly with a top-calibre person.

Any organization whose growth depends on the contribution of knowledge workers should be recruiting strategically, now!

Construction Materials and Aerospace Case Studies

Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

In Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) mandates we assume the role of internal recruiter, for a batch (or all) job openings.

This includes managing the hiring process using our standard tool set, from job definition through to onboarding. We transfer our best practices to the internal recruiting team.

By implanting more efficient workflow, the outcome of a successful RPO mandate is that:

  • time to hire is reduced,
  • quality of hire is increased,
  • and significant financial savings are made

Government Agency Case Study

Recruitment Consulting:

Companies wishing to benchmark their internal recruiting practices against industry best practices can call upon us to provide a recruitment process healthcheck.

The outcome of this type of intervention is a list of recommendations for changes and updates to “in-company” recruiting practices.
This type of intervention can be especially helpful post merger or acquisition.

Pharmaceutical and IT Consulting Case Study

Competitor Talent Mapping:

This entails mapping the requisite skill sets from your competitors’ talent pool, delivered in the form of organizational charts containing names, titles, and reporting lines.

Once the pool has been identified, the key targets are systematically approached in a highly professional and confidential manner to assess both their capabilities and their potential fit.

Competitor Talent Mapping can be used as part of a competitive intelligence gathering initiative. It also allows organizations to benchmark their talent pool in terms of experience, qualifications and skills against those of their competitors.

Retail Case Study

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