Leadership Coaching

Alan Davis & Associates (ADA) has developed a proprietary leadership program called Coaching Winners.

Picking Winners™ is ADA’s logo for its recruiting and training services. ADA, with its program “Coaching Winners”, goes beyond finding the best fit for the job to ensure that the incumbent reaches full potential and meets business objectives. Coaching Winners is a transformational journey to sustainable success.

Coaching Winners works by providing a structured process in six phases covering assessment, engagement, application, monitoring, measuring and, finally, self-efficacy. The latter is the most important phase as it provides the client with the independence to maintain their desired behaviours or skills without relying on their coach.

Here is a schematic of the Coaching Winners program:

Alan Davis and Associates coaching winners schematic


Coaching helps new leaders deal with the psychological aspects of a promotion or job transition. With the Coaching Winners program, leaders increase their self-awareness, recognise their strengths, appreciate their challenges, understand the gaps in their performance and improve their relationships management skills.

Leadership Development Programs frequently consists of formal leadership courses combined with job rotation. Coaching is often not offered but it is an important component to ensure growth. Coaching allows the leader to reflect and discuss the leadership knowledge gained. It also allows the leader to adapt this learning and knowledge to their individual personality and specific situation.

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