Alan Davis & Associates Inc. is an international recruitment firm, with offices in Hudson and Montréal, Quebec.

To learn more about how Alan Davis & Associates Inc. can help you identify and recruit top talent, please contact:

Alan Davis & Associates Inc., Main Office

538 Main Rd.
Hudson, Quebec, Canada
J0P 1J0
Phone: (450) 458-3535
Fax: (450) 458-3530

Technoparc Montréal – Saint-Laurent Campus

7140, Albert-Einstein, bureau #113
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H4S 2C1
Phone: (514) 956-2525, ext 3309 (Main line for the Technoparc)


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Unsolicited Resumes:

If you are an unsolicited job seeker, and you would like to send us your resume, kindly submit your qualifications by attaching your resume Please do not contact us by telephone or e-mail.

As a retained Executive Search Firm, we are paid by client organizations to evaluate potential candidates from inside and from outside their organizations. We do not conduct placement services and therefore, we do not find jobs for individuals.

On occasion, a match is made between a current search assignment and an unsolicited job seeker. However, this is rare, due to the very specific and precise nature of our mandates.

Sending an unsolicited C.V. (by following the instructions above) will ensure that your qualifications and experience will automatically be evaluated against all current mandates.

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