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Welcome to the new Alan Davis Strategic Recruiting Website™

We decided it was time to revamp our website to help move us into the digital age. We were dedicated to make this website designed for the user. We wanted to make the whole experience easier on you!

We have made many additions, a big one being this blog. We are really excited about this project. Blogging is relatively new to the executive recruiting industry, and we are looking forward to being on leading edge and participating in this trend that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. The purpose of this blog is to post about industry related topics, personal experiences in our line of work, discuss trends in the recruiting industry, and mainly to be of general interest to our readers. We encourage you to follow us, and engage with us. We would love to hear your thoughts, and are open to your comments.

For candidates, we have facilitated the CV uploading section, so that it’s easier on you. We have also created a job board, so you can keep an eye on active positions, and apply to the ones that are best suited for you. Or you also have the option of sending us your CV for our database, so that we can contact you if you fit a position we are trying to fill.

For Clients, you will notice we have added the free initial evaluations. If you have a challenging position to fill, just send us a quick description, and we will get back to you with an analysis. You have nothing to lose!

We felt it was important for you to hear what our customers think of us, so we have added the testimonials section. We have also added a Case Studies section so you can get an idea of what Alan Davis Strategic Recruiting really specializes in.

Well that’s enough from us for now. We invite you to browse through the site to check out the new features.

Hope you enjoy, and keep watching this space!

By: Gillian Davis

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Diversifying Your Business: E-recruiting

Recruiting is taking a new direction with the help of different social media websites and other online media. However, this does not mean that traditional recruiting is disappearing completely. Maximizing the effect of an e-recruiting strategy means that HR professionals and recruiters must have a balance of both. The only way to find that balance is through trial and error. With what seems like an overwhelming and expanding online world to turn to, it’s often hard to decide what works best because each avenue has its own benefits and limitations.

Job boards like Monster.com give the recruiter large numbers of applicants who may not be suitable for the position (similar to running a newspaper ad). Conversely, niche job boards enable the recruiter to target candidates more specifically. Social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook require more time, higher labor costs and, most importantly, more staff engagement. Email is also a great and straightforward way to connect to your candidates. Despite all these options expanding the recruiters’ reach, nothing will completely replace the value of a referral.

Having a mix of e-recruiting tools allows the recruiter to build a talent pool for the present and the future, conduct a target search by drilling down their search criteria, uncover a wider scope of expertise and bring them one step closer to getting the perfect candidate.

Content drives the success of a solid strategy. The online society is not about keeping the best recruiting secrets to themselves. It’s about who can share the most interesting and newsworthy posts first. Successful recruiters will drive traffic to their sites and, in turn, build their brand and reputation. Getting noticed on the web is done by sharing relevant information either from another source, or by posting one’s own material. On-line posts are a great way to share your services, but they are not meant as a selling page. The content must be interesting enough to get people to read. But these sites need to be clear, concise, and user friendly so that people want to come back again.Social media sites are often useful when working on international mandates. By posting questions and discussions on forums online, a business is able to get feedback and answers from experts around the world.

As noted by Adrian Moss, Managing Director at Focus Business Communications, a social media consultancy: “HR has so much to gain from sharing information and resources, especially in terms of employee law and problem solving. It’s often a case of engaging with people outside organizations and making the most of an online grapevine to get fresh ideas”.

Recruiters and HR professionals may lose out in the future if they don’t invest in certain types of technology now. The recruiting environment is expected to continue to grow and develop significantly over the next 5 to 10 years, and companies who start to connect with today’s younger generation will benefit in the future. Considering the rapid expansion of the online environment, it’s best to start sooner rather than later.

By: Gillian Davis

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