About Us

About Us

In 1978, Alan Davis entered the recruiting business in Montreal. With a background in engineering and marketing, he soon discovered a number of anomalies in the search industry.

  • There is no correlation between a candidate salary and the fee charged to conduct a search.
  • There is no justification for billing expenses as a percentage of the professional fee.
  • There is no need for the search firm to be secretive about the work they have done on a mandate.
  • There is all too often a lack of a rigorous search process, in which the clients are actively involved in the search industry.

Five years later, Alan started his own recruiting business and promptly rectified these anomalies. In the process he redefined the way in which recruiting services were delivered. The outcome was Strategic Recruiting™- Search Refined.
Here are some of the advantages of this new methodology, which we have employed since:

  • The client receives a custom built solution to each unique recruiting challenge.
  • Professional fees are based on the work needed to get the job done – not some arbitrary metric.
  • Our expenses our billed “as incurred” and are pre-authorised by the client.
  • Our clients gain full visibility of the search process.
  • We develop a mutually beneficial, collaborative approach with our clients to successfully fill in positions, on time, on budget and with exceptionally qualified candidates.

Strategic Recruiting™ has proven to represent a powerful competitive advantage. To know more, please contact us at any one of our offices located in Hudson, Montreal or Ottawa.

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